"Not for any nation. Not for any ideology. Not for justice. Not for honor. Not for power. Not for the future. Not for love. Not for peace. Only for revenge."
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An Army Without Borders

I made a compilation of all the times Lara falls/blows up/ does that cliche lose grip and look down thingy. Hope you like it!








Anyone who’s played Uncharted knows too well Drake falls ALOT or does that bullshti cliche loses grip and looks down grabby thingy. How much you ask? Fawx here to count em out for you this time it’s Uncharted 2

Inspired by Cinemasins


So since Marceline and Princess Bubblegum dated does that mean…Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee dated as well!!! 😍☺️

Infinte worlds infinte possibilities. Finn, catch!


Incest Rock Anthem

Please watch this. No Ragrets

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Is this a turnt zombie?

Check out my play through of Shovel Knight with my buddie Dio! We have three episodes out now and will be uploading them each Thursday (hopefully). Stay tuned

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Check out my review of this anime I kinida hope yo haven’t seen!

Ayano’s SQUAD

Turnt Shoujos

Lucky Shootas